Better care,
made simple

Carepoint is the remarkably simple, care-focused communication tool designed to lessen administrative time while enriching care outcomes by connecting caregivers to their clients and family members.

CarePoint complies with the requirements for record keeping and storage according to legislation. (Long Term Care Homes Act, 2010 O.Reg 79/10 231(a)(b), 233(1))

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Communication with Care

Carepoint has been designed specifically to facilitate a new dimension in caregiving by combining an intuitive interface for recording, sending, displaying and receiving client care information with robust service tracking and reporting features.

More productivity with less work

Say goodbye to messy, time-consuming paper entries and the endless emails to family members. With Carepoint, conversation between caregivers and family is simplified and streamlined, saving countless hours each month writing progress reports and making phone calls to your client’s family members.

No learning curve

Quick and easy set up makes entering new clients a breeze. Home care organizations can be up and running within minutes. And because Carepoint was designed in conjunction with professional caregivers, all communication functions and options are logically presented and intuitive.

Real-time Reports

Access communication exchanges and care activity reports for your clients anytime, anywhere. Our digital reporting system ensures you have complete access to your client’s care and communication history.

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Carepoint takes care of everyone


Your clients will benefit by having those they love connected to their care regimen.



Family has the ability to monitor and contribute to the care regimen of their loved one.



Caregivers have the opportunity to provide a richer and more fulfilling care experience.


Organization Features

Save time, increase staff productivity and improve communication.

Simple and easy to use

Fast, easy set up. No complicated, expensive programs to learn. Simple 3-step process gets you up and running in minutes, not days or weeks.

Committed to care

Carepoint helps demonstrate your commitment to care by providing progress reports and open lines of communication to your client’s family members, while simultaneously saving your company time and money.

You're in control

Carepoint features a review function that allows administrative staff to review, edit and approve caregivers’ messages before they get to sent to your clients family members.

Caregiver Features

More time for what you do best.

Ready when you are

Carepoint’s location-aware file loading feature provides access to your clients profile and care plan updates as soon as you arrive at their doorstep.

Faster, easier diary entries; anytime, anywhere

Carepoint’s intuitive interface enables you to add client diary entries quickly and easily, and because Carepoint is device-independent, you can use your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

Stay connected for better care

With Carepoint, changes in your client’s care plan, upcoming appointments, alerts and messages from family stream right to your smartphone. Send and share messages and updates to and from your clients’ family members and your employer quickly and easily.

Family Features

Monitor and contribute to the care of your loved one.

Connect with Care

The Carepoint application is designed to connect you to your home care provider and/or family caregiver. You can send messages, inquire about treatment, view health reports and more; quickly and easily, right from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or home computer.

Peace of mind, made easy

Ensure your family member is getting the care they deserve with instant access to their caregivers’ daily dairy entries and health reports. Carepoint’s instant messaging feature gives you direct access to your home care organization or caregiver to help put — and keep — your mind at ease.


Carepoint lets you share memories with your loved ones. Send video, photos and even voice memos to be shared with your loved one.

Reporting Features

Digital reports on demand

With Carepoint, digital health reports for your clients are always at your fingertips. Carepoint’s robust reporting features provide you with a quick and easy way to generate health reports and share them with physicians, specialists and family members.

Share your Success

Our reporting system enables you to automatically generate client reports and share them with family. Reports can display care plan changes, diary entries and message histories, all in an easy to read format. Care graphs will show your clients family what impact you’ve had on the health and progress of their loved one. You can even add recommendations or suggestions to help improve care.

Rest assured, your data is secure

Carepoint software conforms to current PHIPA and HIPAA standards, meaning your client’s health data is always safe and secure.

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